Colored Belt Ranking Requirements


  • Harai Uke (Low Block)
  • Yoko Uke (Inside Middle Block)
  • Yoko Uchi (Outside Middle Block)
  • Jodan Uke (High Block)
  • Sukui Uke (Scooping Block)
  • Teisho Uke (Palm-Heel Block)
  • Shuto Uke (Inside Knife Hand)
  • Shuto Uchi (Outside Knife Hand)
  • Juji Uke (“X” Block)


  • Mae Geri Keage (Front Snap Kick)
  • Mae Geri Kekomi (Front Thrust Kick)
  • Yoko Geri (Side Thrust Kick)
  • Mawashi Geri (Round House Kick)
  • Ushiro Geri (Back Thrust Kick)

Punches and Strikes

  • Gedan Tsuki (Low Punch)
  • Chudan Tsuki (Middle Punch)
  • Jodan Tsuki (High Punch)
  • Riken Uchi (Back Fist Strike)
  • Empi Uchi (Elbow Strike)


  • Shiko Dachi (Horse Straddle Stance)
  • Zenkutsu Dachi (Forward Stance)
  • Neko Ashi Dachi (Cat Stance)

Kata and Kumite

The techniques outlined below are taught at each belt level.  As students progress they are expected to learn learn the new techniques for their level, and also to improve on all the techniques from earlier ranks.


Kihon Kata

Pinan Kata

Naifunchi Kata

Kihon Kumite

Yakoshuku Kumite

White 1 to 4 None None 1 to 5 None
Yellow 5 to 8 Pinan Nidan None 6 to 10 None
Orange 9 to 12 Pinan Shodan None 11 to 15 None
Green 13 to 16 Pinan Sandan None 16 to 20 1A to 3B
Blue 17 to 20 Pinan Yondan None All 4A – 6C
Brown All Pinan Godan Shodan, Nidan, Sandan All All