Classes are held in a number of locations in and around Edmonton. These classes are 1.5- 2 hours in length, with a portion of the class devoted to physical fitness and stretching. The remainder of the class is devoted to basic technique, Kata, and sparring.

Since the clubs are being run as non-profit organizations, club fees are kept to a minimum. Each student is required to become a member of the Canadian Shito-Ryu Itosu-Kai Association. Your membership in the Alberta Itosu-Kai allows you to take classes at any of the clubs in Edmonton, or elsewhere in Canada or Japan.

Classes are held at the following locations: (click for class dates and times)


St. Albert

Edmonton (Blue Quill)

For the latest updates to class start dates, holidays, breaks and upcoming rankings and tournaments check out Class News.

Classes are typically offered throughout the school year from September to June with a summer break for July and August.  Students are encouraged to attend class at least two times per week. If you are a prospective student, you are welcome to attend a class for free and see what karate is all about.  Wear comfortable clothing and expect to workout in bare feet.  You are also welcome to start at any time as we are always open to new students.

Classes are suitable for students age 8-80.